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Established in 2000 Max Music Max Music Studios have been going for 12 years providing recording, rehearsal, teaching and artist development services.

Our saying – “if it aint done to the max it aint one worth doing”

Being active musicians and engineers means that you get recording and engineering experience along with the added benefit of working with people that understand you and both sides of the recording process… a dying quality.

We pride ourselves on having experience in a vast genre of musical styles, having recorded the drums for the punk aid Christmas album,     The Infiltrators Leeds festival winners (Indie / Rock), Hip Hop, R Sector Grime Mc’s, Vizzolectric – dance electronic Producer, Lady Lively singer/rapper, Kimoley – RnB singer, full gospel bands, Gospel Choirs, professional opera singer, childrems voice choir and Muslim male voice choir… you cant get more diverse than that! Our rehearsal studios cater for slash metal to acoustic piano & voice with a great PA for vocalists … don’t worry vocalists! Instruments wont drown you out with our PA.

Situated in the heart of Bow, East London

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