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What is a residency?

Residency status bands at Max Music Studios can book rehearsal rooms at a reduced rate £10p/hour.

Residency Bands / cancel their rehearsals with no cancellation fees incurred.

Back line is also provided free of charge.

And where possible the rehearsal is generally catered for - example if extra microphones are needed etc.

How do I obtain a residency? Contact us

How it works: You book four rehearsals per month (minimum of 3hrs per session).

You pay for your session up front.

Residency bands/artists must use their four rehearsals within the month specified.

Rehearsals cannot be carried over to another month or four week period, except in special circumstances agreed by Max Music Management.

A Residency will enable you to cancel and rebook your rehearsal without any booking or cancellation fee over the phone with a member of staff.